Baby gear review

Yesterday I was hanging out with some of my “Mommy Friends” and we started talking about baby equipment and gadgets. We were comparing the things we registered for, what we got, what we wished we got, and what we never used. After that I had a thought, I should create a list of my favorite baby gear and a list of stuff I never used to help new moms decide what to register for.

My Favorite Stuff:

Moby Wrap- I used that wrap everyday because my little guy just wanted to be held 24/7.

Bouncy Seat- The seat really came in handy, I would set it on the floor while we ate dinner and bounce it with my foot.

Bassinet with wheels- In 2 words “Life Saver.” I used my bassinet everyday and night until Little Guy was 2 months old. It was the best at night, since I was nursing when he woke up I would wheel him into the living room to feed and change him without disturbing Hubby. It also had a basket under it to hold diapers, wipes, blankets, and a change of clothes.

Sound Machine- Little Guy has slept with this machine running since he was 3 months old and it works wonders. Ours’ is not an expensive machine (I think I bought it for $10.00) and it makes just enough noise to drown out sounds that might otherwise wake up the baby.

Swing- Little guy napped in his swing everyday until he was to big for it.

Video Camera- I have footage of everything he has ever done.

Stuff I Never Used or Needed:

Wipe Warmer- My mom did not have a wipe warmer and I am fine.

Burp Cloths- Those little cute burp clothes that you see everywhere are not worth the money. There is no way that little piece of fabric stands a chance against projectile vomit. I used receiving blankets to catch spit up because I had a ton.

Pack n’ Play- We bought this and I only ever used it for a changing table. If you are going to travel and need to have something to take with you then by all means buy one. Over the past year I think our pack n’ play has been used 15 times.

Nursing Cover- I never had one so I just tucked a blanket under my bra strap to cover Little Guy while he ate.

Mobile- My kiddo never liked his.


Just a few other recommendations:

Please avoid the urge to buy a ton of super cute outfits size 0-3 months, these will only fit for a few weeks and will get stained from poop-splosions and spit up. This goes for baby shoes as well, if your kiddo isn’t walking yet he or she doesn’t need shoes. Do buy a few fitted sheets and 2 mattress pads that way when you strip the crib you can replace the bedding right away. Lastly don’t be afraid to buy gently used toys or clothes, your kiddo won’t know and you’ll save some cash.

If you have something to add to either list please let me know!

2 thoughts on “Baby gear review

  1. I second skipping the burp cloths. We never used them. Not even once. We also just used receiving blankets, which were wonderful.
    Things we couldn’t live without:
    1. A mirror for the backseat so Little Man could see himself. Ours sang songs, but that feature isn’t a necessity.
    2. A small, blow-up bathtub that fit inside our big tub. As soon as Little Man could sit up, he did NOT want to sit in a bath seat, and I hated filling up the big tub just to waste the water. So with the little tub (We got the Munchkin Inflatable Duck tub), We just filled IT up, and he felt like a big boy.
    3. A Jumperoo (or one that hangs in the doorway) or Exersaucer. We actually had both, but one or the other would suffice. These things kept the little one busy and entertained FOREVER if I needed to cook dinner, sweep, mop, shower, etc. Highly recommended :o)
    4. We actually used our Pack N Play a ton, and still do at 14 months old. When he first learned to crawl, he was into everything. So we put plenty of toys in the PNP and he would happily play for 30 minutes to an hour. He would also nap very well in the PNP in the middle of the living room. He got used to sleeping around noise this way.
    Now, at 14 months, we use it for Time Out if he gets a little too riled up. It gives him a chance to calm down and get away from whatever had worked him up so much. It really just depends on your lifestyle as to whether you will use it a lot.
    5. I couldn’t live without Craigslist. Before you pay full price for that toy or contraption you just HAVE to have for your kid, check Craigslist. Babies are toy magnets, and some people just have too many that have barely been broken in yet, and need the extra space, so they sell them. All it takes is a little soap and water, Clorox wipes, whatever you like, and they are pretty much brand new. And you feel better, for getting such a great deal- and the little one will never know that it didn’t come in a box with a barcode! Craigslist has been the source of about 70% of my little one’s toys and gear, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. I agree with the bouncy seat…it was the only way I could take a shower for several months.

    Each baby is so different, I think that a lot of things will be just trial and error until you find out what your little one will enjoy. For example,I know many babies love their swings, but my daughter would have none of it…she hated it. But she loves her mobile. It was so cute when she learned to turn it on by herself…we’d hear it start up the minute she woke up in the morning or after a nap. She still does that and points to say hi to “the guys” when we go in to get her. And the Jumparoo was a big favorite.

    I actually like the wipe warmer…no, it’s not a necessity, but it’s so cozy warm for those late night diaper changes.

    Pack-N-Play…I was glad to have it as a portable crib when on vacation or visiting the grandparents, but all of the “extras” were pretty much a waste. We used the changing station a few times, but not as much as I would have thought.

    Video camera is a MUST.

    One of our non-traditional must-haves was a large exercise ball. From birth to about 6 months, the only sure-fire way to get Madison to stop crying was to hold her while we sat and bounced on the bouncy ball. And she could tell a difference between “bouncy-ball bouncing” and just standing up bouncing. Go figure 🙂

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