Working at home

Over the past few weeks I have found out just how hard working from home can be. I have been reading the forums at and I got some great ideas from the ladies there to get me started and their best advise has been “you get out what you put in.” I have to tell you they are totally right. I started search for some freelance writing and I applied at text and was hired. So far I have written one article for them earning me $3.50; the article took me about 30- 40 minutes to write and I am really proud of it. I also wrote an ehow article about meal planning and it was published, so far I have not earned anything from that article because your earning are based on views and ratings. I am trying to drive people to the Meal Planning article by posting a link on my website and this blog and sending out mass emails to everyone on my contact list. I was worried about sending an email out to ask my friends to read the article, but then I figured it takes a minute and it’s not like I am asking them to buy a product just read my article and rate it. Then there is Quick Tate and I have been trying to login as much as I can. I have earned $8.33 working 2 hours on Quick Tate last week, it’s not much but every little bit helps. I an setting a goal to work for at least 5 hours on Quick Tate this week and write 4 articles for Textbroker; that should earn me about $35. Since starting these mini jobs I have learned there is no get rich quick scheme, and there are other options besides selling products and stuffing envelopes. It just takes hard work, good time management, and a little creativity to be a successful work at home mom.

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