Jogging Stroller 101

Since we’ve had a few nice days I dusted off my jogging stroller and headed out with Little Guy to soak up some sun and burn some calories.  My jogging stroller is just the best, it’s easy to push, has just enough storage, and turns on a dime.  That being said it’s not as easy as it looks to run or power walk while pushing a stroller with a 26 lb toddler wiggling around inside.  To make the trip go a little smoother I make sure to always bring snacks and a drink for Little Guy and try not to get too far from home just in case a super toddler tantrum happens. 

I was not a runner or even a jogger before I became a mom, but it is a FREE exercise that I can do anytime, anywhere. I started looking at yard sales and consignment stores for a bargain and sure enough I got one for only $25.  Starting out pushing the jogging stroller was not easy, but I enlisted the help of a friend to keep me motivated.  We try to meet twice a week and for a 30 minute power walk, the bonus is we get to catch up with each other.  Somedays we even meet at the park so the boys can play for a while before getting strapped into the stroller. 

Overall it’s one of my favorite pieces of baby equipment we bought, my moby wrap is the other but that’s for another day.

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