Weekend Workout

I have decided to dedicate my weekend posting to fitness related information only, in hopes that it will help me stay motivated to reach my goals.

Most weekends start out as lazy days for us waking up around 7:00am and hanging out in our PJ’s until 10ish when Little Guy takes a nap.  During the warmers months we would all head outside for a long walk or playtime at the park, but since it’s February and it does get above freezing some days I have had to alter my fitness game plan.  Last week I started waking up at 6:00am every morning and doing a 20 minute cardio workout, I consider it my “Mommy Me Time.”  I do a few quick things each night before bed every night to make it easier to rise and workout at 6:00am.  The most important thing for me is to set my coffee pot to brew at 5:45 am, if I can sleep the coffee I am more likely to get out of bed.  The out thing I do to prep for an early workout is to set my clothes and sneaker right next to the bed and put my robe and slippers in the closet, this way I roll out of bed and dress ASAP.  After a quick sip of coffee I head to the basement, turn on the news, and do my cardio routine.  Once my 20 minutes sweat session is over I get a refill of coffee, a nice hot shower, and if I’m lucky I even have time to check emails after I get dressed.

So far I have been a little sore and I am tired earlier than I used to be, But it is well worth it.

Starting Weight: 155

Current Weight: 150.5

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