Save, save, save

Savings on groceries

I am always trying to pinch pennies where ever I can so every Monday I flip through all the grocery store ads and pick where I am going to go for the best deals.  I have three stores that I go to each week and they are all within two miles of each other so it really doesn’t make my trip much longer than if I just went to one store.  The next thing I would recommend it to get a Sunday paper and clip coupons, also join a website (like and printing your coupons at home.  Most large supermarkets will take printable coupons, but small family owned stores may not so check before you try to use them.  Don’t knock the store brands until you try them.  I buy store brand goldfish crackers for Little Guy and I spend $.50 lest and get twice as much.  Another great tip is to buy in bulk on sale which leads me into my last grocery tip.  Warehouse stores are awesome if you go with a list and stick to it.  The first few times I went to Sam’s Club I spent $300 and had no idea what I bought.  Make your list and be sure to only include foods you will use before they expire or things that you can freeze (meats, cheese, pizza, etc.)  I buy mostly lunch snacks, bread, meats, and frozen convience foods and I rarely buy produce because it will go bad before we eat it all.

Savings on baby stuff

I have found the best deals on diapers at Target.  They let you combine manufacture coupons and Target coupons so you get a double discount and it’s even better if the diapers are already on sale.  This also works well baby food and pet food.  As a stay at home mom I am always looking for things to keep Little Guy busy and keep me from going crazy.  We joined a free playgroup that meets every Monday, we keep it free because we meet at each others homes or parks weather permitting.  Take the time to look online for free classes, our YMCA has tot skating once a week for two hours and it’s free for members.  Another great option is posted an ad on Craigslist or, this give you a chance to meet other moms looking for fun things to do and you can never have too many mommy friends.

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