Big Changes

More than a year ago I was working full-time and training horses part-time.  I cleaned house every Saturday, did laundry every Sunday, and cooked a homemade meal for dinner every night.  Then my beautiful baby boy was born and everything changed.  Nothing else mattered, but his needs.  I tried to keep up with everything but it only took me two weeks to realize that I didn’t want to go back to work and there was no way I had time to clean the entire house in one day.  My very scheduled life turned into a chaotic mess; some days I couldn’t even remember if I brushed my teeth.

Now my son is almost one and life has gotten easier.  I am still home with him but I work part-time with the horses and I do make dinner every night.  I used to pride myself on running circles around everyone else and now I’m proud to be running circle around my living room chasing the cutest little guy I have ever seen.

One thought on “Big Changes

  1. I love to hear about other moms’ experiences. My beautiful baby boy was born four months ago. Before he was born, I too worked full time and cooked a homemade meal every single evening. Now things are different. I stayed home with him until he was three months old. I am now back to work full time, but have not yet gotten back into the swing of cooking every night. I would love to hear ideas for delicious, quick dinner receipes if you have any to share! (My husband will be VERY grateful, too!)

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