Weekend Fun

On Saturday we finally had some nice weather so we headed outside to soak up some sun.  Little guy is walking and trying to run all over the place and it was so much fun.  First we headed to the back yard to check out the mud, he really didn't like stepping in it which is … Continue reading Weekend Fun

First Birthday

Today is my son's first birthday and I can't believe how much he's grown.  It seems like only yesterday I was impatiently waiting to meet him and wondering what he would look like.  I spent hours dreaming about holding my little guy and even more time worrying about labor and delivery. Well the labor part … Continue reading First Birthday

For Sale

Last week I started to get on this "must get rid of junk" kick.  So I started in the basement closet and found an old game console of my husband's and about 5 or 6 games.  I decided to put them on Ebay and guess what?  I scored forty bucks, so of course I moved … Continue reading For Sale